Dog Safety in the Summer

Florida summers are hot…so here are a few thoughts and tips for guarding your pooch during the high temperatures.

Above all, did you realize that if the outside temperature is 85 degrees, that solid can arrive at 105 degrees and black-top can arrive at 130 degrees?

Kindly remember this as you consider your mid-year hound strolls.

A general guideline:  If the asphalt is unreasonably hot for your hand…it will consume your canine’s paws.

Here are a few hints that may help keep your pooches agreeable and their paws safe during these sweltering summer days:

1. Consider a kiddie pool for the yard, keeping the water shallow enough for your dog…and possibly toss some toys in the pool water to have your pooch run into the pool,  hence chilling him off with some shallow sprinkling.

2. Go on hound strolls in the cool of the morning or night, rather than the warmth of the day.

Likewise, your canine can get overheated. Here are a few signs:

1. Hesitance to leave the concealed territory.

2. Gasping

3. Rearranging paws

4. Grouchy

Indications of Heat Stroke for hounds:

1. Heaving

2. Discouragement

3. Falling

4. Seizures

*If you notice any of these signs…do NOT put your canine in an ice shower! Simply put cool water on his paws, brow, and stomach as it were.

Keeping your canines hydrated, cool, agreeable and safe during these blistering summer days is significant. Have a protected and upbeat summer!!!

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